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Genomic alterations -- a brave new world for cancer treatment?

European Society for Medical Oncology

A new conference helping doctors navigate one of the most important scientific questions faced by the cancer community could potentially result in dramatically improved survival rates for patients.

A joint initiative of UNICANCER, ESMO and Cancer Research UK, the meeting on Molecular Analysis for Personalised therapy (MAP), to be held in Paris 23-24 October, will explore clinical interpretation of molecular tests for metastatic cancers.

By learning more about their patients' genetic makeup, doctors hope to develop more effective and customised strategies for prevention, screening and therapy. In addition, these techniques strive to lower treatment side effects.

While the science is exciting, these developments are also significant on a macro-economic level as insurance providers and national healthcare systems worldwide grapple with funding new cancer treatments and diagnostic tools.


Hear more about how scientists are helping to re-define how we view cancer's evolutionary pathways at the inaugural MAP conference.

Press roundtable, moderated by Pr Fabrice André (France, co-founder)

Featuring MAP speakers

  • Pr Charles Swanton (UK, co-founder)
  • Dr Elaine Mardis, (USA)
  • Dr Roman Thomas (Germany)

Friday 23 October, 1.15pm
Maison de la Chimie
28 bis Rue Saint-Dominique, 75007 Paris

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