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From 9/11 to 7/7 and beyond: Islamist terrorism in the US and UK explained

World Scientific


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The threat from 'home-grown' Islamist terrorism in the West has never been greater, with unprecedented numbers of Western citizens joining terrorist organizations and planning and conducting attacks in their home countries. The need to truly understand this phenomenon has therefore never been more pressing.

Based on seven years of original research, 'Home-Grown' Jihad contains one of the most detailed and comprehensive assessments of 'home-grown' Islamist terrorism (HGIT) in the US and UK to date. Beginning with an examination of the development of militant networks during the 1980s and 1990s, it traces the origins of HGIT through to the present day, and provides empirically-based answers to critical questions such as:

  • Who becomes a jihadi terrorist and why?
  • How do they radicalize, plan and conduct attacks?
  • To what extent are they supported by foreign terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and the 'Islamic State'?
  • How are security services dealing with them? And how can we become more effective in confronting and reducing the threat?

By systematically comparing the US and UK in every aspect of Islamist terrorist activity, whilst also measuring changes over time, this exceptionally detailed research challenges the accepted wisdom regarding the different rates of terrorism on either side of the Atlantic, and provides unique insights into the nature of the threat facing us today. It is an essential read for anyone who wishes to understand contemporary Islamist terrorism in the US and UK.

The book provides a timely, in-depth, systematic, and empirically-based analysis of one the greatest (and often misunderstood) threats to global security today. Readers will gain a detailed and nuanced understanding of 'home-grown' Islamist terrorism, and how it is being dealt with in two of the most prominent countries currently facing this problem.

'Home-Grown' Jihad retails for US$45 / £30 (paperback edition) at major bookstores. It is also available in hardback and electronic format and is available online at


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