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Molecules in small spaces are keys to applications in nanochemistry and molecular machines

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What are the leading research issues in nanochemistry?

Prof. Julius Rebek Jr., a pioneer in the study of molecular replication and self-assembly, has published a book with World Scientific for researchers engaged with this subject from the perspective of synthetic and physical organic chemistry. Entitled Hydrogen-bonded Capsules: Molecular Behavior in Small Spaces, it collects the recent work from a dozen research groups worldwide on capsular assemblies and their molecular contents.

While many of the promises of nanotechnology have yet to be fulfilled, extraordinary progress in nanoscience continues to inspire basic chemistry at the molecular level. Switches, shuttles ratchets, rotors and any number of molecular machines whose names evoke functions are now commonplace in supramolecular chemistry. The new book emphasizes molecular flasks and their functions as reaction vessels, spaces where new arrangements of molecules and otherwise short-lived intermediates can be observed. The readers will be able to follow how hydrogen-bonded capsules emerged in modern physical organic chemistry.

The monograph is directed at researchers of encapsulation phenomena at graduate and postdoctoral levels. The book presents chapters on spherical and cylindrical capsules; calixarene, resorcinarene and pyrogallolarene capsules; stereochemistry of confined molecules; chiral capsules; expanded and contracted capsules and reactions inside capsules.


This research was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health of the USA, the Skaaggs Institute for Chemical Biology and the 1000 Talents Program of China.

Hydrogen-bonded Capsules: Molecular Behavior in Small Spaces retails for US$98 / £65 (hardback) in major bookstores. To know more about the book visit

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