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Experts establish standards for psychosocial care of children with cancer and their families


Children with cancer and their families often experience considerable psychological and social challenges during and after treatment. A special issue of Pediatric Blood & Cancer now offers evidence-based standards for pediatric psychosocial care.

The special issue includes a series of focused articles that describe the 15 standards and summarize the relevant supporting evidence. Examples of topics addressed in the standards include monitoring of psychosocial health; assessing financial burden; meeting siblings' needs; providing school reentry support; and establishing open communication and collaboration among medical and psychosocial providers, patients, and families.

"With evidence that such care contributes to positive quality of life outcomes of children with cancer and their family members, it is hoped that universal access to psychosocial support and intervention for patients and family members can be guaranteed for all 21st century families who face childhood cancer and its sequelae," said Dr. Lori Wiener, lead author of an introductory article in the special issue.


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