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JRC Data Catalogue -- making open science a reality

European Commission Joint Research Centre

Research data produced by the JRC or in cooperation with other partners is now publicly available, in support of the European Commission's strategy on Open Science for improved circulation of knowledge and thus innovation for generating growth. The first version of the JRC Data Catalogue is online and its datasets can be freely consulted and downloaded.

This catalogue will also feed into the EU Open Data portal, which is the single point of access to a growing range of data produced by the EU Institutions. Interested users have access to data on a wide range of topics, such as climate, freshwater resources, alien species, soil or forests. The information can be used for further research and other projects, providing the source is acknowledged.

JRC's data policy was designed to help enhance transparency and drive innovation. It is a pillar in the development and implementation of scientific knowledge management at the JRC and it follows the commitments and regulatory basis from the Commission Decision on the reuse of Commission documents (2011/833/EU).

Underlying principles of the JRC data policy are: open data (free, full, open and timely access to JRC data by default), data acquisition (restriction-free access and use of licensed data), data management (metadata, storage, accessibility) and implementation (identification of responsible entities, guidelines, data management plans, monitoring of implementation).

The public availability of JRC's research data follows the implementation of the JRC Open Access Policy (01/01/2014), granting free and unrestricted online access to all JRC peer-reviewed research and review articles. Initially, the catalogue contains around 500 sets of the data wealth produced by the JRC, and more information will be uploaded on a regular basis.


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