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The 2016 HFSP Career Development Awards

The 2016 HFSP start-up laboratories

Human Frontier Science Program

The International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO) has selected eight of its fellowship holders to receive the highly sought after Career Development Award (CDA). Following a rigorous selection process in a global competition, the future for these young scientists could not be brighter as they receive the award worth 300,000 USD spread over three years to jump start their first independent laboratory.

The CDA is a special feature of the HFSP fellowship programs because it offers fellows the possibility to return to their home countries or to move to another HFSP member country after their research abroad. The eight winners of the 2016 HFSP Career Development Award, their research institutions and research projects are:

Marzena Magda BIENKO (Poland)
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Mapping genome organization and expression landscapes in single cells in early embryonic development

Shamik DASGUPTA (India)
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
Genetic dissection of the neural circuits of decisions and actions

Nikta FAKHRI (Iran/USA)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Physical gating of transcription: loss of mechanical regulation in oncogenic transformation

Frank JACOBS (the Netherlands)
Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences / University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Retrotransposons in control of human neuronal gene regulatory networks

Kai PAPENFORT (Germany)
Ludwig-Maximilans University, Munich, Germany
Systems biology of bacterial small RNAs

University of Cambridge, UK
Visualizing neural dynamics that govern action selection

Yuval RINKEVICH (Israel)
Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of mammalian scar inception

Ziv SHULMAN (Israel)
The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Imaging molecular machineries in T-B cell synapses during affinity maturation in germinal centers

Full lists of the 2016 HFSP awards are available at


The Human Frontier Science Program is an international program of research support implemented by the International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO) based in Strasbourg, France. Its aims are to promote intercontinental collaboration and training in cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research focused on the life sciences. HFSPO receives financial support from the governments or research councils of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, USA, as well as from the European Union.

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