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Weaving for lightweight construction

Dresden-based Textile Engineer receives international honors!

Technische Universität Dresden


IMAGE: Adil Mountasir in front of the double-rapier weaving machine for the manufacture of the woven 3-D semi-finished products at ITM. view more

Credit: © ITM at TU Dresden

In the context of the collaborative research centre (CRC) 639, "Textile-reinforced composite components for function-integrated mixed construction in complex lightweight construction applications", Adil Mountasir (see photo) developed and realised a flexible weaving technology. This allows the complex and cost-efficient production of three-dimensional textile structure for application as fibre-reinforced plastic composites (FRPCs) in lightweight construction settings. The woven 3D structures are manufactured from high-performance yarns like carbon, glass, or hybrid yarns, within a single process step. Furthermore, various basic shapes can be combined (Fig. 2), achieving an enormous variety of forms and a wide range of properties.

Within CRC 639, a functionally integrated vehicle system carrier, including complex woven 3D structures, was designed, produced and thoroughly tested.

The developed structures can be used in the lightweight construction sector, where ever excellent structural mechanical properties are needed, e.g. in:

  • Floors and side panels of railed vehicles, busses, cars, and trucks,
  • structural components, such as stringer-reinforced shells in airplane fuselage or car bodies,
  • separation panels and ceilings in boats and ships,
  • wall elements for temporary structures, e.g. in conflict areas,
  • box bodies for utility vehicles,
  • double-walled safety containers in chemical plants, and
  • machine enclosures for machine tools and turbines.

The development of this innovative and versatile weaving technology was undertaken with Mr. Mountasir's doctoral thesis research, which has been submitted to the Faculty of Mechanical Science and will be defended this spring.

Since 2009, the international award of the Théophile Legrand Foundation, endowed with 8,000 euros, is given to doctoral candidates and researchers from the world over for outstanding innovations, in appreciation of their scientific achievements. In 2010, another ITM scientist was granted the award for the development of flat-knitted multi-chamber structures also realised under the auspices of CRC 639.


More information regarding the Théophile Legrand International Award:

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