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Ramizol®: A new treatment for Clostridium difficile associated disease

Boulos and Cooper Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd


IMAGE: Ramizol antibiotic (in green) unable to cross the GIT with over 99.9 percent of the drug remaining in the gut, reaching the C.difficile (red rodes) bacteria at high enough concentrations... view more

Credit: Dr. Ramiz Boulos

A scientific paper released today in the Journal of Antibiotics presents the pre-clinical development of Ramizol®, a first generation drug belonging to a new class of styrylbenzene antibiotics with a novel mechanism of action.

The research was undertaken by Australian company Boulos & Cooper Pharmaceuticals in partnership with the University of South Australia, Flinders University, Eurofins Panlabs and Micromyx LLC. The study found that over 99.9% of the drug, administered orally, stays in the gastrointestinal tract where it can reach the bacteria in the colon at high enough concentrations to yield a therapeutic effect.

Chief Executive Officer of Boulos & Cooper Pharmaceuticals, Dr Ramiz Boulos, said "this new class of antibiotics has antioxidant properties and can be manufactured for a low cost; benefits that will be felt by the end-user".

The new antibiotic has low frequency of resistance and shows promise as a monotherapy for the treatment of Clostridium difficile associated disease. Dr Boulos stated "we are very excited about these results given the unforgiving nature of Clostridium difficile infections". He added "In a world where there are few treatment options, we are desperate for new antibiotics to fight intractable infections".

The company expects to start Phase I clinical trials in 2017.


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