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BioDiscovery joins Pensoft's portfolio as the first biomedical journal for the publisher

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Being the first open access peer-reviewed online journal, published in Scotland, BioDiscovery covers a large scope of research fields, stretching from life sciences to medicine, and encompassing everything in between.

The launch of BioDiscovery was announced at the BioDundee Conference in 2012. The founding editorial board included distinguished scientists from around the world and has been headed ever since by Professor Sir David Lane, who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement in Cancer Research Prize by Cancer Research UK the same year. The journal was straight away recognised by the Scottish, as well as the international research community for its innovative approach to scholarly publishing. BioDiscovery is the media partner of the European BioDiscovery Federation and a number of international conferences in the field of life sciences and medicine

By joining publisher Pensoft's portfolio of modern online advanced open access academic journals, BioDiscovery moves to a new level of innovative, high-technology scholarly publishing and expands on the type of publications to cover a wide range of research outputs. Thanks to this new collaboration, the journal will also cover a wide range of research outputs, encompassing the whole research cycle. To cover the whole research cycle, along with traditional research articles and data papers, BioDiscovery will be accepting for publication a variety of research outputs, such as Clinical Studies, Clinical Trials, Replication Studies, Case Studies, Methods, Research Posters, Review Articles and even Single-media Publications.

BioDiscovery is an international, open access, online, peer-reviewed journal, which provides a platform for scientists in all areas of biology and medicine to share, discuss, and promote new ideas and developments. Devoted to this mission, the journal will now be published on the unique and innovative platform, developed by Pensoft, called ARPHA. Thus, it will take full advantage of the ARPHA Authoring Tool, providing authors with the unprecedented opportunity to work collaboratively with their co-authors and peer-reviewers during the whole lifecycle of their manuscripts. Moreover, all authoring, publishing and reviewing happens in real time, thanks to the entirely Web-based system and XML-based workflow.

While the high quality of published papers is controlled by distinguished world-class editors, authors and reviewers can also use the opportunity for open peer review, which will also be assigned with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), thus ensuring even stronger credibility and transparency of their work. Thanks to the integration of all Pensoft journals with Publons, announced earlier this year, BioDiscovery reviewers will benefit from an automated registration at Publons, where they can join the tens of thousands reviewers and get credit for their peer reviews.

"We are pleased to know that we have found a wonderful new home for BioDiscovery in, probably, one of the World's best journal publishing platforms," says Prof. Nikolai Zhelev, Managing Editor of the journal. "Having always been devoted to building on the high quality of our content and technological advancement alike, we are now eager to try the new innovations provided by Pensoft."

"I am very happy to not only welcome the first biomedical journal in Pensoft's portfolio, but also do so for such an established and reputed name as BioDiscovery," adds Prof. Dr. Lyubomir Penev, Managing Director and Founder of the publishing company. "At Pensoft, we have a long history in the natural sciences, so expanding our scope to cover the exciting field of biomedicine, thanks to our new collaboration with BioDiscovery, feels only natural and a source of innovation spirit!"


About BioDiscovery:

The aim of BioDiscovery is to provide a platform for scientists in all areas of biology and medicine to promote, share and discuss new ideas and developments.

BioDiscovery considers for publication original, high quality research which contributes significantly for the development of the knowledge in biology and medicine. Articles submitted to BioDiscovery benefit from its broad scope and readership, and dedicated media promotion.

About Pensoft:

Pensoft is an independent academic publishing company, well known worldwide for its innovations in the field of semantic publishing, as well as for its cutting-edge publishing tools and workflows. In 2013, Pensoft launched the first ever end to end XML-based authoring, reviewing and publishing workflow, as demonstrated by the Pensoft Writing Tool (PWT) and the Biodiversity Data Journal (BDJ), now upgraded to the ARPHA Publishing Platform. Flagship titles include: Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO), One Ecosystem, ZooKeys, Biodiversity Data Journal, PhytoKeys, MycoKeys, and more.

About ARPHA:

ARPHA is the first end-to-end, narrative- and data-integrated publishing solution that supports the full life cycle of a manuscript, from authoring to reviewing, publishing and dissemination. ARPHA provides accomplished and streamlined production workflows that can be customized according to the journal's needs.


Prof. Dr. Lyubomir Penev

Prof. Nikolai Zhelev

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