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Handbook of Analytical Spectroscopy

World Scientific


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When one simply requires an exact answer for spectroscopic problem solving and applications, and not a lengthy essay, where does one find the complex or esoteric information needed in a well-illustrated, problem solving format, and with comprehensive tables and references?

Heavily illustrated and referenced, with problem solving examples, The Concise Handbook of Analytical Spectroscopy: Theory, Applications, and Reference Materials covers in 5 volumes, the theory, instrumentation, sampling methods, experimental design, and data analysis techniques, as well as essential reference tables, figures, and spectra for each spectroscopic region. The detailed practical aspects of applying spectroscopic tools for many of the most exciting and current applications are included. Featured applications include: medical, biomedical, optical, physics, common commercial analysis methods, spectroscopic quantitative and qualitative techniques, and advanced methods.

The concept of improving the use of electromagnetic energy to achieve a variety of qualitative and quantitative spectroscopic measurements on solid and liquid materials has been proliferating at a rapid rate. The use of such technologies to measure chemical composition, appearance, for classification, and to achieve detailed understanding of material interactions has prompted a dramatic expansion in the use and development of spectroscopic techniques over a variety of academic and commercial fields.

When one considers the precise use of ultraviolet, visible, near infrared, infrared, terahertz, and Raman spectroscopic methods -- there is a plethora of analytical problems that may be resolved. Having a well-documented reference source to provide rapid and accurate information on each of these subjects is a tremendous time saver for applied laboratory spectroscopists and test personnel as well as for students and researchers who may not be as immersed in spectroscopic techniques on a daily basis.

The Concise Handbook of Analytical Spectroscopy is a book written by a practicing, award winning spectroscopist for those using spectroscopy for analytical problem solving using a variety of techniques, sampling systems, and material applications.

This multi-volume handbook is designed specifically as a reference tool for students, commercial development and quality scientists, and researchers or technologists in a variety of measurement endeavours; specifically, graduate and undergraduate students, and academic, commercial, and government research libraries involved in medicine, biology, physics, optics, biophysics, commercial manufacturing, quality control, and industrial research.


This reference set of five volumes retails for US$1280 / £845 at introductory offer, and is available through the publisher, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other book stores, libraries, and technical reference suppliers. The introductory offer is valid until September 30, 2016. To know more about the book visit

About the author:

Dr Jerome (Jerry) Workman has played a major role in defining and developing over twenty scientific instrument advancements and applications of novel vibrational spectroscopy technology for laboratory, process and remote monitoring of commercial synthetic and natural products and processes; and medical applications of spectroscopy. Over 55 US and International Patent Applications (since 1998); 17 US and International Patents issued, and multiple trade secrets. He has a total of 475 Technical Publications; and 18 reference books on a broad range of spectroscopy, chemometrics, and data processing techniques. He has received awards from the Eastern Analytical Symposium, ASTM International, and the Coblentz Society, as well as multiple fellowships, technical, and government appointments. He has taught annual courses in spectroscopy, chemometrics, and statistics for the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, the American Chemical Society, the Instrument Society of America, and the Federation of Analytical Chemists and Spectroscopy Societies; and at several universities, government agencies, and corporations.

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