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Here's how the human voice has been broken into its elements

World Scientific


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Credit: World Scientific, 2016

Most recently, scientists dealing with the human voice have taken a novel view of the human voice from the perspective of voice production. The vitality of this new science is evidenced by five issued US patents.

World Scientific's latest book Elements of Human Voice captures this novel view, which has been established through the analysis of large amount of human voice data, especially simultaneously acquired voice signals and electroglottograph signals. This view has also been established through a thorough investigation of various theories of voice production.

This unique book lays out the new theory and new mathematical models of human voice, and its applications in speech and voice technology. Its contents encompass the physics and physiology of voice production, parametrical representations of voice signals, and various technology applications. Mathematical tools pertinent to quantitative descriptions of human voice are explained.

Authored by Julian Chen from Columbia University, Elements of Human Voice retails for US$114/ £95 at major bookstores including Amazon, Barnes Noble, amongst others. For more information on the book, please visit


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