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New manager for US Antarctic Program logistics contract

Leidos Holdings, Inc. assumes management after merger

National Science Foundation


IMAGE: By presidential mandate, NSF manages the US Antarctic Program. view more

Credit: NSF

Aug. 22, 2016

Leidos Holdings, Inc. will hold the National Science Foundation's contract for support of the U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP).

The change follows the merger between Leidos and Lockheed Martin's Information Systems & Global Solutions business segment as of Aug. 16. Lockheed Martin has held the contract since NSF made the award in December 2011.

By presidential mandate, NSF manages the USAP, which operates three year-round research stations in Antarctica as well as research ships in the Southern Ocean.

The Antarctic Support Contract (ASC) provides logistical support in a variety of areas, from laboratory management and food services, to information technology and other support functions that make NSF research possible. ASC and its subcontractors carry out their support functions not only in Antarctica and at sea, but also in the two nations that serve as gateways for the USAP: New Zealand and Chile.

The contract transfer will be finalized pending government review of plans for all contracts affected by the merger. NSF officials said that they did not expect any adverse operational changes as a result of the new management.


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