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Comprehensive new coverage on the soils of the USA

Now published: 'The Soils of the USA' covers properties, distribution and function of this valuable natural resource



IMAGE: Now published: "The Soils of the USA " covers properties, distribution and function of this valuable natural resource. view more

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The Soils of the USA is the first comprehensive coverage of the soils in the U.S. since 1936. Written by 46 soil scientists from across the country and richly illustrated, the book provides an overview of the distribution, properties and function of soils in the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii and its Caribbean territories.

Co-edited by L.T. West, M.J. Singer and A.E. Hartemink, The Soils of the USA discusses the history of soil surveys and pedological research in the U.S., and offers general descriptions of the country's climate, geology and geomorphology. For each Land Resource Region (LRR) - a geographic/ecological region of the country characterized by its own climate, geology, landscapes, soils, and agricultural practices - there is a chapter with details of the climate, geology, geomorphology, pre-settlement and current vegetation and land use, as well as the distribution and properties of major soils including their genesis, classification and management challenges. The final chapters address topics such as soils and humans, and the future challenges for soil science and soil surveys in the United States. Maps of soil distribution, pedon descriptions, profile images and tables of properties are included throughout the text.

Alfred Hartemink explains, "It is my co-editors' and the authors' desire that readers of this book will find a useful reference and learning tool and that it will enhance their knowledge of the USA's soil resources. Soil is the thin skin covering our planet that is an essential component of all ecosystems. Soils are relatively resilient, but improper use and management will quickly destroy this valuable non-renewable resource. Only by understanding the properties of and processes occurring in the soil, can management systems be designed and implemented that will ensure the long-term sustainability of the soil, this and all other nations' most valuable natural resource."

The Soils of the USA is part of the Springer World Soils Book Series which publishes books containing details on soils of a particular country, bringing together soil information and soil knowledge in a concise and reader-friendly way. The series editor is A.E. Hartemink. Visit


L.T. West, M.J. Singer, A.E. Hartemink (Eds.)
The Soils of the USA
Springer. 2017, XIV, 394 p. 285 illus., 203 in color. Hardcover $179.00 |£112.00 |€ 149,99
ISBN 978-3-319-41868-1 Also available as an eBook

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