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Special issue of Future Oncology explores the field of prostate cancer imaging

Future Oncology, a leading MEDLINE-indexed journal, has published a special issue that examines advancements being made in the field of prostate cancer imaging.

Future Science Group

Future Science Group (FSG) published journal, Future Oncology, has released a special issue highlighting the latest breakthroughs in prostate cancer imaging.

Highlights of the issue include reviews appraising the technical aspects of multiparametric MRI (mpMRI), the impact of MRI on biopsy performance and the role of PET imaging in both recurrent and metastatic prostate cancer. Further contributions include editorials appraising the opportunities for mpMRI with PI-RADSv2 to make a difference and the hot topic of PSMA targeting agents.

Imaging plays a key role in grading, staging and the non-invasive detection of prostate cancer. The emergence of mpMRI has been a central figure in fueling the advancement of this field and this imaging technique in combination with others discussed in this special issue, have helped lead to a more accurate disease characterization.

Guest Editor of the special issue, Baris Turkbey (National Cancer Institute, MD, USA), commented on the issue: "This issue of Future Oncology is devoted to prostate cancer imaging. Over the last 10 years, mpMRI and molecular imaging with PET have increasingly been used to better detect, stage and follow-up prostate cancer. In this special issue, these new ideas for MRI and PET imaging of localized and recurrent prostate cancer are presented. In addition to these, utilization of imaging in clinical decision-making in urology and radiation oncology is also discussed."

Commissioning Editor for Future Oncology Jade Parker commented: "It has been a pleasure to work with leading researchers and clinicians in the field of prostate cancer imaging. The continual advancements taking place in the field of prostate cancer imaging have provided the opportunity for clinicians to optimize treatment options for the disease. This special issue has been a great opportunity to showcase these developments and their clinical significance."


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