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Aqua plantation for strawberries and RUDN student Margarita Romanets' gold medal for

RUDN University


IMAGE: This is Margarita Romanets, RUDN 1st year graduate student (Agronomy). view more

Credit: @RUDNUniversity

Margarita Romanets, RUDN 1st year graduate student (Agronomy) presented her invention - intensive block aqua plantation for strawberries at ?II International salon of inventions and new technologies. The invention is being tested at RUDN Agrarian-Technological Institute green house.

Strawberry runners grow in water unlike the usual method of putting them in soil. When the runners get on the soil covered with special film, the growing roots cannot implant on the film, dry down and later get damaged and attacked by insects The water plantation allows growing plants with strong roots immune to diseases. The plants that appear on strawberry runners are ready to be planted in open soil and bring good harvest during 4-5 years.

The experiment is supervised by Kornatsky, PhD.

The project was also awarded with Diploma of the RF Fundamental sciences Foundation and Kazakh National Agrarian University Rector's Cup.


II International salon of inventions and new technologies held in Sebastopol in September united more than 340 participants from 27 countries - Azerbaijan, Algeria, Armenia, Belorussia, Greece, Egypt, Israel, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Canada, Malaysia, Moldova, UAE, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Serbia, USA, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Croatia.

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