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Sharon C. Glotzer wins 2017 MRS Communications Lecture Award

Cambridge University Press

The 2017 MRS Communications Lecture recognizes excellence in the field of materials research through work published in MRS Communications. It is intended to honor the authors of an outstanding paper published in the journal during the award year.

The 2017 MRS Communications Lecture was presented by Sharon C. Glotzer, University of Michigan, during the 2017 MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix, AZ on the paper 'Rational Design of Nanomaterials from Assembly and Reconfigurability of Polymer-Tethered Nanoparticles' (Published July 23, 2015 - MRS Communications Volume 5, Issue 3).

Peter F. Green, founding Editor-in-Chief of MRS Communications, stated that Glotzer is honored "for developing and communicating the use of computational tools for the rational design and assembly of functional materials nanostructures using polymer tethered nanoparticle building blocks."


The full paper is available until May 31, 2017 :

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