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This week from AGU: As climate stirs Arctic sea ice faster, pollution tags along

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As climate stirs Arctic sea ice faster, pollution tags along

A warming climate is not just melting the Arctic's sea ice; it is stirring the remaining ice faster, increasing the odds that ice-rafted pollution will foul a neighboring country's waters, according to a new study in Earth's Future.

New volcanic island unveils explosive past

A recent volcanic eruption near Tonga in the southwest Pacific created a new island, giving scientists a rare opportunity to explore the volcanic record of this remote region.

Research Spotlights

Massive waves of melting Greenland ice warped Earth's crust

A novel method described in a new study in Geophysical Research Letters uses shifting bedrock to trace pulses of mass that propagate down a glacier.

How shifting winds turn tropical storms into hurricanes

Researchers present a novel method for analyzing how wind shear affects tropical cyclone strength and structure in a new study in the Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems.

Huge storms disrupted Jupiter's fastest jet stream in 2016

Recurrent jet stream disturbances provide glimpses of what lies beneath the gas giant's thick upper cloud cover, according to a new study in Geophysical Research Letters.


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