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Rheumatology Advances in Practice -- New open access journal

Oxford University Press USA

Oxford University Press is pleased to announce its partnership with the British Society for Rheumatology to publish a new, peer-reviewed open- access journal: Rheumatology Advances in Practice beginning June 2017.

Rheumatology Advances in Practice will complement the well -established journal Rheumatology to reflect the increasing breadth of rheumatology practice.

In many countries, an increasing diversity of non-medical professionals including specialist nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists, and pharmacists play an important role in the management of patients with rheumatic disease. The close relationship between these disciplines has recently been emphasized in the UK by the merger of professional bodies representing allied health professionals into the British Society for Rheumatology. The BSR has therefore decided that to reflect its broader membership it will support the second journal to better reflect its expansion in membership.

With the expansion of non-medical care in rheumatic diseases has come an increase in academic and clinical research by the various related disciplines. The aim of Rheumatology Advances in Practice is to reflect this growing research activity and to provide a multidisciplinary journal for this community, which we consider is not adequately served by existing publications.

OUP will, therefore, strive to build on the journal Rheumatology and position Rheumatology Advances in Practice as a premier journal in rheumatology research and help take advantage of the many opportunities to come in scientific and medical journals publishing.


The first editorial is available online and can be accessed at:

For more information about the journal, and article submission guidelines, please visit:

Background Information

British Society for Rheumatology

British Society for Rheumatology is the leading UK specialist medical society for rheumatology and musculoskeletal care professionals. BSR work in policy aims to inform and influence key decision makers across Government, its agencies, and other organizations. This is done through working closely with the organization's diverse membership and patients to shape how policy is developed and to raise awareness of important issues in rheumatology.

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