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New approach on research and design for CQD catalysts in World Scientific NANO

World Scientific


IMAGE: Due to the excellent up-converted photoluminescence (UCPL), photo-induced electron transfer and electron reservoir properties of CQDs, the CQDs/Bi2WO6 composite showed enhanced photo-absorption and charge separation, resulting in excellent photocatalytic performance.... view more 

Credit: World Scientific

A new study that provides a new approach for the rational design of carbon quantum dots (CQD) modified catalysts with potential applications in energy and environmental areas has published in World Scientific's NANO journal. Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, and Shanghai Institute of Technology, the study discusses the introduction of CQDs into Bi2WO6 photocatalyst and the demonstration of its good photocatalytic performance in pollutant degradation and hydrogen evolution.

Entitled "Carbon quantum dots/Bi2WO6 composites for efficient photocatalytic pollutant degradation and hydrogen evolution", the article is Dr Zhijie Zhang's answer to the question of how the photo-absorption range may be broadened while increasing the charge separation efficiency of the photocatalyst.

As a new class of carbon nanomaterials, CQDs have become a rising star in the nanocarbon family because of their nontoxic, benign, abundant and inexpensive nature. Readers are invited to discover more on the latest CQD research by accessing this article on NANO.


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