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Building interdisciplinary bridges for research and recognition of intersexed bodies

Intersex International Conference -- Sept. 6-7 at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem will host an international conference, "Building Interdisciplinary Bridges for Research and Recognition of Intersexed Bodies," focused on the complex experiences and challenges of people born with intersexual bodies.

Featuring scholars from around the world, the conference will seek to build bridges between the various communities engaged with this issue, from the medical establishment to intersex support groups and activists. The media are invited to attend, or to request interviews with the organizers and speakers.

Panels will include Uniting Intersex Activism; Challenging the Socio-Medical Discourse on Intersex/DSD; Queering Temporal Gaze and Experience; New Medical Perspectives; and Raising Social Awareness on Intersexuality.

Presentations will cover such issues as Intersex Rights; Intersex Communities in Australia; The Structure of Intersex Discourse in Japan; The Chinese Perspectives of Intersexuality; Family, Society and Intersex Children in Ukraine; Comparing Medical Treatment Practices in Israel and Germany; and Intersex Rights in the UK and Switzerland.


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