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On the contrary: Smarter than conventional stock market wisdom?

A serious work on corporate finance conveyed light-heartedly

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The study of modern finance, from asset pricing to ethics, has been established in standard models like the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and theories like the Markowitz theory. Yet, are these foundations solid and models representative? Stock Markets and Corporate Finance re-explores and challenges some of these well-travelled paths in finance.

As the title suggests, this book examines the nature of the stock market and its implications for corporate management, and provides an incisive approach to core issues in finance. The authors' critical and scholarly look at the subject is presented in this book in a light-hearted style does not undermine the serious impact that the thoughtful insights has raised. Instead, it that allows experts and students alike to easily comprehend and appreciate the underlying concepts.

The objective of the text is to instil insights regarding the functioning of markets and corporate behaviour. It attempts to rely less on the conventional algebraic derivations with unrealistic assumptions to express the topic and, instead, proceeds to show how an understanding of the mechanics of growth can lead to alternative models with more intuitive outcomes. Multiple choice questions and illustrative examples with solutions are also included in the book to test and ensure reader understanding.

As a quote in the book from Khalil Gibran goes, "The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind." Indeed, whether as the author of this book or in real-life, Michael Dempsey serves the role of such a teacher. He is currently a Professor and the Head of the Finance Discipline in RMIT University.

Currently in use as a reference book for graduate students in La Trobe Business School, Australia, this book is useful for students of finance, the businessman who seeks familiarity with finance and anyone interested in developing a meaningful understanding of financial markets.


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