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EPFL Life Sciences Symposium: Frontiers in Metabolism 2017

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

In October 24-26, EPFL will host at the SwissTech Convention Center an exciting Life Sciences Symposium: "Frontiers in Metabolism 2017 - From systems physiology to precision medicine, an EPFL-EMBO Press Symposium."

This symposium will enable speakers and participants to discuss novel findings that link basic concepts emerging from the fields of cell biology, signaling, metabolomics, physiology, genetics/genomics, and aging with the pathogenesis and management of the metabolic syndrome a major medical challenge.

Our objective is also to create a truly interdisciplinary environment that brings together basic scientists and clinicians with an interest in metabolomic diseases, to foster innovative ideas in this area.

EPFL's School of Life Sciences has the pleasure to invite you to the Lectures open to the public during the Symposium Frontiers in Metabolism, on Tuesday, October 24. May we point out that on this afternoon, discussion will focus more on societal issues, including ethics, digital health, transparency and reproducibility in science, and "connecting the obesity and narcissism epidemics" (Professor Bruno Lemaître).

This afternoon is part of a 2.5 day EMBO Press-EPFL Life Science Symposium: Frontiers in Metabolism.

The symposium is part of a new and important EPFL program on metabolism supported by the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation.

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At this stage, more than 450 people are expected to join on the 1st afternoon (October 24) and more than 300 on October 25 & 26, at the Swiss Tech Convention Center. Registration is mandatory.

The Sumposium will be chaired by Professor Johan Auwerx; the selection committeeis composed of Professors Bart Deplancke, lluis Fajas Coll, Nicola Harris, Thomas Lemberger, Etienne Meylan, Carmen Sandi, and Kristina Schoonjans.

The program includes excellent speakers from the Cancer & Metabolism field, as well as neuro and novel approaches to personalized medicine .

All the lectures will be given in English, however translation in French will be provided.


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