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Exceptional results delivered by the Graphene Flagship

Graphene Flagship

The Graphene Flagship has achieved most of its objectives and milestones and delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact. This is the conclusion of the European Commission in its interim review report of the project's first year following the two-and-half-year ramp-up phase. Having reported over 600 scientific publications, 37 patent applications, 17 products on the market and six spin-off companies during this 12-month period, the Graphene Flagship is further commended for focusing its work towards a more industrially oriented initiative with a higher Technology Readiness Level.

"We are glad to have received such a positive evaluation feedback from the European Commission as it is an important acknowledgement that we are progressing in the right direction towards our overall goal, which is taking graphene and related materials from academic laboratories to the factory floor," says Jari Kinaret, director of the Graphene Flagship.

Significant results close to commercial exploitation mentioned in the report include the Airbus winglet made of graphene composites, a motorcycle helmet with a graphene coating, a new viscoelastic graphene-polymer sensor material, perovskite photovoltaic cells with improved stability and a demonstration of tuneable ion sieving using GO membrane for water desalination.


The Graphene Flagship is the EU's largest ever research initiative with more than 150 partners in over 20 European countries. 15 new partners have been accepted following an Expression of Interest during the spring of 2017 and the number of Associated Members and Partnering Projects, with funding coming from national sources, continues to grow, adding value to the joint graphene and related materials research effort.

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