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The Seattle fault, tsunami deposits, and catastrophic flooding

New GSA Field Guide Highlights Geology in and around Seattle, Washington, USA

Geological Society of America

Boulder, Colo., USA: A new volume prepared in conjunction with GSA's 2017 Annual Meeting offers ten guides that geographically focus on the Seattle, Washington, area within the Puget Lowland, and also includes descriptions of trips in the Cascade Range, the region east of the Cascades, and the Columbia River Basin and western Idaho.

Volume editor Harvey Kelsey (Humboldt State University) explains, "This field volume highlights geologic excursions that define the range of contemporary Earth science research in the Pacific Northwest, from Quaternary investigations that inform hazard assessments to geology-based engineering solutions for transportation corridors, to academic investigations that allow better understanding of the evolution of the plate boundary zone of the Pacific Northwest over the last 40 million years."

Guides include a journey through the region that was affected by an earthquake on the Seattle fault 1100 years ago, a trip to the coast to look at tsunami deposits, and trips that show evidence of past glaciations that inundated the Puget Lowland. Trips also highlight catastrophic flooding and blankets of wind-blown silt, both of which covered the area east of the Cascades due to continental glaciations. These one- and multiday trips help unravel the complex but fascinating geological history of the Cascade Range.


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From the Puget Lowland to East of the Cascade Range: Geologic Excursions in the Pacific Northwest
edited by Ralph A. Haugerud and Harvey M. Kelsey
Geological Society of America Field Guide 47
FLD047, 254 p., $60.00, GSA member price $42.00
ISBN 978-0-8137-0047-2

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