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World Hepatitis Summit

Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nov. 1-3

World Hepatitis Alliance

This is an invitation to attend the World Hepatitis Summit 2017 which is being held in São Paulo, Brazil from 1 -3 November. The Summit is hosted by the Government of Brazil, who has championed the elimination of hepatitis on the world stage, and is co-organized by the World Health Organization and World Hepatitis Alliance.

What is the Summit about?

Worldwide, 1.34 million people died from viral hepatitis in 2015. And more than 325 million people had chronic hepatitis infections by end of 2015. Yet there has never before been more optimism that viral hepatitis can be eliminated. The development of highly-effective direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C, and increasing rates of hepatitis B treatment and vaccination coverage, have provided momentum in the fight against hepatitis.

Following the adoption of WHO's Global hepatitis strategy in May 2016 --which includes the goal of eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030 -- all the key players in this fight will gather at the World Hepatitis Summit in São Paulo to discuss the latest developments, the progress, the challenges, and to identify the public health policies that need to be put into place to meet this goal.

The media programme will include:

  • Latest data on viral hepatitis globally and in regions

  • Latest hepatitis B estimates in countries

  • New WHO country profiles on progress towards elimination

  • New information about access to life-saving hepatitis C cure, including price reduction

  • More on the "diagnosis challenge" -- worldwide; around 300 million people infected with hepatitis B and C are not yet diagnosed

  • New information on hepatitis in children and the unique challenges facing the treatment of children

Who is attending and what will be the result?

The World Health Organization, over 60 countries, including ministers of health,, the World Hepatitis Alliance and its 253 member organizations, civil society groups, policy makers, public health scientists and funders, will be working side by side at the Summit to address this common goal. Countries attending the Summit are expected to issue a Declaration on global actions and commitments to advance the elimination of viral hepatitis.


The Summit welcomes bona fide press to São Paulo, and journalists may register free of charge through the website or by writing to


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