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AENOR certifies excellence in Tecnalia's R&D&i management

Elhuyar Fundazioa

The scope of the certification includes Research, Development and Innovation in the major challenges posed by advanced manufacturing, low-carbon energy, health and ageing population, an increasingly digital, hyperconnected world, urban habitat and climate change, and resource scarcity.

The certification aims to provide indicators to effectively organise and manage R&D&i and resources; to plan and monitor aims, or to properly manage the organisation's portfolio of projects.

To meet these requirements, Tecnalia has designed and deployed its in-house model of Strategic Management of its Market/Technology activity relating to R&D&i, known as ISAMPE, which takes into consideration the requirements of advanced management models.

Throughout the process to obtain certification, this in-house model has been highlighted by AENOR as one of the strong points in the Centre's R&D&i management system. Another strong point in Tecnalia's system is its process to protect and enhance assets and R&D&i operating earnings. As a result of this excellence, among other indicators, Tecnalia has become the Research Centre in Spain that applies for the highest number of European patents per number of researchers, with a 95% success rate in its applications and with a significant transfer to companies.

With this certification Tecnalia is responding to a requirement for 2020 of the Basque Government for all the R&D Centres that comprise the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation, known as the RVCTI.

ISAMPE, a key point

AENOR has stressed that Tecnalia's R&D&i management system is robust and has an innovative design, broadly deployed across the organisation and with many strong points: management leadership and commitment, its in-house ISAMPE management system model, the strategic watch and competitive intelligence process, model of co-creation and the management of R&D alliances, existence of groups of excellence on an international level, process to protect and enhance assets and R&D&i operating earnings, among other things.

Iñaki Oñate, Tecnalia's Head of Technology, pointed out that "we have put the management system within the framework of our in-house model for innovation ISAMPE, which allows us to organise and manage R&D&i more effectively, thus contributing towards achieving the Technological Excellence of the organisation by sharing knowledge, encouraging collaboration and technology transfer, geared towards fulfilling our mission".

As far as Luz Emparanza, Director of AENOR in the Basque Country, is concerned, "after several days of rigorous work by our auditors, AENOR has awarded Tecnalia the certification for the management of Research, Development and Innovation in the projects associated with its R&D challenges".

The recently obtained certification complements Tecnalia's ISO 9001 Quality certificate and its ISO 14001 Environmental Management certificate, which also have its R&D&i Project Management as a fundamental operating process.


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