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A neuroimaging project by INRS professor Jinyang Liang

Institut national de la recherche scientifique - INRS

Real-time mapping of neuronal activity through neural imaging is an emerging, non-invasive approach and a wonderful scientific and technological challenge. INRS professor Jinyang Liang has designed an ultrafast, highly sensitive imaging microscope to study living animals. For this exceptional project, he was chosen from among 750 applicants as the winner of the Edmund Optics Americas Gold Award.

Successful optical neuroimaging depends on neuronal indicators and optical imaging instruments. Up till now, the scope and precision of neuronal activity measurements were limited by imaging speed, light throughput, pixel counts, sensitivity, and imaging depth. The new ultrafast fluorescent imaging microscope developed by Professor Liang is designed to bridge the gap between the biomedical, physics, and engineering fields.

Congratulations to Professor Liang for this brilliant innovation, which will have a tangible impact on society!


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