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Alcohol: It is time for a debate without prejudice in Europe

On Wednesday, Nov. 29, at the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels, a symposium dedicated to moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages within a healthy lifestyle

Istituto Neurologico Mediterraneo Neuromed I.R.C.C.S.

To outline solid scientific bases on the relationship between health and alcohol consumption in moderation, to increase awareness and to fight against excesses. These are the goals of "Moderate Consumption of Alcohol in a Balanced Lifestyle" meeting, to be held in Brussels on Wednesday 29 November, starting at 8 am.

Over 10,000 years during which humans have been drinking alcoholic beverages, the discussion about benefits and harm never ceased. The debate, still heated nowadays, has recently been enriched by solid scientific evidence showing with increasing strength as alcohol, consumed in moderation, can have a positive effect on health, especially as an integral part of the Mediterranean nutrition model. On the other hand, international organizations have recently recommended total abstinence as an ideal state of health.

"We think the time has come - says Giovanni de Gaetano, Director of the Department of Epidemiology and Prevention of I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed of Pozzilli (IS), chairman of the conference - to set some points in this discussion. When we talk about alcohol, we can say that "zero tolerance" does not have scientific bases. Of course, we know that excessive consumption is definitely harmful, and we will reaffirm it strongly during this symposium. But research has shown that moderate consumption, within a healthy lifestyle, can have beneficial effects, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease".

Thanks to the contribution of international experts, the Brussels meeting will be an opportunity to reaffirm the concept of drinking responsibly and moderately, also in the framework of the fight against abuse, an issue of particular concern for the health of young people.


Full program of the meeting is available here:

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