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Press registration open for Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting in Boston, March 24-27, 2018

25 years of cognitive neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Join us in Boston to explore the nature of how we think!

Press registration is now open for the Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual conference, March 24-27, 2018, in Boston, MA, at the Sheraton Boston. Get great story ideas and connect with more than 1,500 neuroscientists, presenting some of the latest research on neurotechnology, memory, language, aging, and learning.

Highlights will include:

  • Keynote address by Michael Gazzaniga (University of California, Santa Barbara): A lecture open and free to the public on "The Consciousness Instinct," how physical "stuff" -- atoms, molecules, chemicals, and cells -- create the vivid and various alive worlds inside our heads.

  • Bigger Ideas, the highly anticipated sequel to last year's Big Ideas in Cognitive Neuroscience , a boundary-pushing session to discuss major challenges and cutting-edge advances in understanding the mind and brain.

  • Symposia on the developing brain from infancy onward, machine learning, age-related cognitive decline, sleep and memory, neurostimulation, and more.

  • Award lectures by Elizabeth Spelke (Harvard University) on human cognition in infants and children; Alfonso Caramazza (Harvard University) on the balance between nature and nurture in how the brain represents objects; Morgan Barense (University of Toronto) on the effects of brain damage and disease on memory; and Mike Yassa (University of California, Irvine) on new computational approaches to understanding episodic memory.

  • More than 1,000 posters and 50 talks covering the latest neuroscience research on attention, creativity, decision-making, language, music, and more.


Register now . Pre-registration ends March 2. After that, badge printing is onsite only.

Registered members of the press will have complimentary access to scientific talks, posters, and the welcome reception. Members of the press interested in attending the 25th Anniversary Gala will need to separately register for the ticketed event. Session descriptions are now online; the full program and schedule will be available by February.

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And read our blog coverage of last year's meeting in San Francisco.

To qualify as a member of the press, please be prepared to provide press credentials in the form of one of the following: a business card from a news media outlet, a membership card for a journalistic professional society (e.g. NASW), letter from an editor of a news media outlet to show that you are on assignment, or recent clips related to cognitive neuroscience. Full credential policy.

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