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New typesetting technology from Scholastica propels freer future for academic journals


CHICAGO, IL (Feb.8, 2018) - Scholastica, a vanguard academic journal publishing platform, has launched a new typesetting service for open access journals that uses advanced technology to generate beautiful and cost-effective HTML and PDF articles. The introduction of this typesetting service continues Scholastica's vision to put control of research back into the hands of the academic community.

Scholastica's typesetting service frees academic-led journals from having to handle article formatting - traditionally one of the most labor-intensive aspects of journal publishing. Journals simply upload copyedited DOCX manuscripts and any accompanying data and image files to Scholastica, and Scholastica turns them into professional PDF and HTML articles. Using its new typesetting technology, Scholastica is able to typeset articles - including complex graphs and tables - quickly and reliably across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Software and services to realize an academic-led journal publishing future

With the introduction of typesetting, Scholastica now offers a full suite of tools and services to launch and manage community-led OA journals without the need to contract out to expensive corporate publishers. This news comes in the wake of studies revealing a troubling rise in open access article processing charges, primarily concentrated among a few large publishers.

"The cost of research in journals is unacceptably high and it's crazy that science is controlled by a few huge corporations. In the past, there wasn't an easy alternative for scholars to challenge the status quo," said Scholastica Co-Founder and CEO Brian Cody. "But now there is. Scholastica is that alternative. We use technology smartly so that the academic community can finally control how research journals are published - on their own terms."

A complete OA journal publishing solution

Scholastica is continuing to build out its full OA journal publishing solution with the addition of typesetting. Articles typeset by Scholastica are sent to Scholastica Open Access Publishing, ready to be published to a modern journal website. With Scholastica Open Access Publishing and typesetting, journals get:

  • A modern publication website that journals can create in a few clicks
  • Mobile-friendly reading experience
  • Enhanced article discoverability
  • Publishing analytics - including referring website data
  • Ability to integrate with Scholastica's peer review software to centralize the entire journal management process

Survey Practice, an online journal published by the American Association for Public Opinion Research, was the first to employ Scholastica's new typesetting service. Examples of Scholastica typeset articles can be seen on its website here.


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About Scholastica:

Scholastica is a web-based software platform for managing academic journals with integrated peer review and open access publishing tools and services. Founded in 2011 in response to a growing need for a more affordable and efficient way to peer review and publish scholarly journals, Scholastica's mission is to give editors the tools they need to easily manage and publish peer-reviewed journals at a price anyone can afford. Over 600 journals across disciplines use Scholastica.


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