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CUNY licenses cutting-edge antimicrobial technology to QuatCare LLC

The City University of New York

The City University of New York (CUNY), Queens College Professor Dr. Robert Engel along with fellow researchers Drs. Karin Melkonian of Long Island University, and Jaimelee Rizzo of Pace University have developed a groundbreaking patented portfolio of antimicrobial technologies utilizing quaternarary ammonium compounds that reduce and eliminate contamination and cross contamination of pathogens, bacteria, fungi and viruses such as MRSA, Pseudomonas, and H3N2 - a strain of the flu virus. Officially organized as startup company, QuatCare LLC, headed by fellow collaborator Mario Mercado, recently licensed the patent portfolio from Research Foundation of The City University of New York on behalf of CUNY. The company will focus on developing antimicrobial and antiviral solutions across a wide array of industries which include, water/air filtration, food and agriculture, paints/coatings, cosmetics, construction, military, hospital, sports apparel and equipment, and textiles. QuatCareTM has recently entered into discussions with Illinois-based life science company Pilot Chemical to establish a joint venture of its namesake technology, QuatCareTM. "Pilot is excited to collaborate with QuatCareTM on its breakthrough technology and work together to provide much needed solutions for microbial problems", says Mike Mayer, Technical Sales & Support Manager of Pilot Chemical

QuatCareTM has shown enormous potential of providing antibacterial and antiviral protection through its numerous pilot studies with hospitals and the US military. Three unique features of the technology portfolio are 1) the speed at which it kills the pathogens, 2) the permanent continuous residual efficacy, and 3) it being eco-friendly.

As bacterial and viral contaminations continue to proliferate and cause human health problems to millions of people around the world QuatCareTM aims to provide solutions to mitigate these issues.


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