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The Mitral Valve Meeting is joining PCR London Valves Course in 2019

PCR London Valves, the world's leading Heart Team Course, welcomes the Zurich-based Mitral Valve Meeting (MVM) to reinforce the mitral and tricuspid tracks in the program


PCR London Valves, the Heart Team Course, welcomes the Mitral Valve Meeting (MVM) to reinforce the mitral and tricuspid tracks in the programme. MVM, born in Europe at the renowned University Hospital of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland and directed by Professor Francesco Maisano, joins the PCR family of Courses that includes PCR London Valves in Europe, and PCR-CIT China Chengdu Valves and PCR Tokyo Valves in Asia.

After four years of growing success, the reputation of MVM has increased - attracting leaders from all fields including cardiac surgeons, interventional cardiologists, echocardiographers and all levels of industry partners from start-ups to major players in the field, and has fast become a recognised magnet for committed professionals interested in mitral and tricuspid valve interventions.

Among MVM assets, the "Hands-On Workshop" concept is derived from the artisan tradition of such illustrious scientists as Leonardo Da Vinci - people who worked productively in their laboratories together with their talented disciples. The "Hands-On Workshop" will be integrated into the PCR London Valves programme, further reinforcing the dynamic of the Heart Team. According to the vision of Francesco Maisano, "it is only together that cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists can shape the future of valve interventions, defining the complementary role of medical, transcatheter and surgical therapies". This is the idea of the Heart Team itself, especially as promoted by PCR London Valves since the very beginning. A shared common belief that progress in education results from collective efforts to create an ecosystem which fosters professional growth and awareness of innovation in our cardiovascular community.

Four decades ago, Andreas Grüntzig established the fundaments of interventional cardiology. Since then, the University Hospital of Zurich has offered high-quality and innovative continuing medical education. The heritage of the initial efforts in education and training is symbolised by one of their educational concepts - the HeartLab - an educational event that has provided hands on simulator and case-based training for more than 20 years. This Course will find its home in the PCR environment with HeartLab's - and PCR's - emphasis on sharing knowledge, hands-on participation, and interactive and open discussions. In practical terms, HeartLab begins with the presentation of a specific cardiovascular procedure introduced by the expert team. A live demonstration on this particular procedure is then performed using simulators and realistic models, allowing participants to perform the same intervention at the same time as the experts and on similar equipment specially set up for these treatments. After this joint "hands-on" opportunity, experts and participants arrive at the ideal moment for an interactive discussion which follows - open, moderated and practical.

This collaboration will go well beyond the organisation of the Course. "Over the coming months, we will begin to see a series of ongoing joint activities focusing on advancing current practice and helping train the next generation to take the lead in valvular interventions", announced William Wijns, chairman of PCR. With the mitral and tricuspid field rapidly evolving, driven by innovation, creativity and education, there will be a lot to keep up with in the coming years.

"Every physician," Prof. Maisano declared, "whatever their field of expertise or level of experience, will have a role to play in identifying their patient's needs".

"MVM has had a massive impact on the field of education in mitral and tricuspid intervention since its inception four years ago", commented Dr Bernard Prendergast, Course Director of PCR London Valves. "We look forward to embracing the creative talents of Francesco Maisano and the MVM team within the PCR family, and working closely together to provide the foundation and framework for the future. By bringing together the expertise of all, and working at international and local level, PCR is committed to improving the quality of cardiovascular continuing education - for the benefit of all specialists and their patients".


  • PCR London Valves 09-11 Sep 2018

  • PCR-CIT China Chengdu Valves 02-04 Nov 2018

  • PCR Tokyo Valves 15-17 Feb 2019

  • EuroPCR: 21-24 May 2019



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