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Trinity College Dublin to host Schrodinger at 75 -- The Future of Biology conference

An unprecedented gathering of scientists, including six Nobel Prize-winners, will address the most topical issues facing science today

Trinity College Dublin

We at Trinity College Dublin are delighted to invite you to a one-of-its-kind international conference showcasing an unprecedented gathering of world-leading scientists -- including six Nobel Prize winners. Taking place on the 75th anniversary of Erwin Schrodinger's historic, paradigm-shifting What is Life? lectures, the Schrodinger at 75 -- The Future of Biology conference will open eyes and minds to the burning issues of science today, and to the research of the scientists whose work will shape its future.

When Schrodinger delivered his original lectures at Trinity College Dublin in 1943, the basis for heredity was the urgent unsolved question of its day. Fast-forward to 2018, and our speakers will address some of the most pertinent modern-day puzzles, including: What is the mind, and consciousness? How do we age? What are the limits and opportunities tied to gene editing? How can synthetic biology shape our future? What are the limits of bioenergetics? And what is the origin of life?

Among the speakers are Nobel winners, Susumu Tonegawa (1987, Physiology or Medicine), MIT; Linda Buck (2004, Physiology or Medicine), Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre; Ada Yonath (2009, Chemistry), Weizmann Institute of Science; Thomas Sudhof (2013, Physiology or Medicine), Stanford University; John O'Keeffe (2014, Physiology or Medicine), University College London; and Bernard Feringa (2016, Chemistry), University of Groningen.

Other discipline-shaping speakers include cognitive scientist, Daniel Dennett, Tufts University, who will deliver the keynote public lecture; psychologist, Michael Gazzaniga, University of California, Santa Barbara; neuroscientist, Christoph Koch, Allen Institute for Brain Science; plant biologist, Ottoline Leyser, University of Cambridge; and geneticist, Linda Partridge, Max Planck Institute.

The Schrodinger at 75 -- The Future of Biology conference will recapture the spirit of Schrodinger's lectures, with Dublin's magnificent National Concert Hall serving as the ideal base for over 1,000 delegates. Trinity College Dublin's School of Physics, home to the iconic and culturally significant Schrodinger Theatre, will also open its doors to provide a literal walk down memory lane.

For more information about Schrodinger at 75 -- The Future of Biology (September 5 -- 6), including the line-up of esteemed speakers, see: To register for free as an accredited member of the media, RSVP by emailing


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