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MagicMark: A marking menu using 2-D direction and 3-D depth information

Science China Press

Menus are important interactive components of user interfaces, broadly applied to command exploration and selection. However, as one of the important input modalities, 3D depth information has not been fully utilized for menu control in large displays.

To extend the selection capability of large screen interactions, researchers propose MagicMark, a novel marking menu combining 2D direction and 3D depth information. It allows users to make menu selection through two interactive techniques: depth-based main menu selection and direction-based submenu selection. In this way, MagicMark supports smooth freehand gesture to complete menu selection without any additional confirmation gesture.

With 3D depth inputs, MagicMark requires less display space than the other hierarchical menus. Besides, as a marking menu, MagicMark can provide seamless transition from a novice user to an expert user.

The results of an experiment show that MagicMark can significantly reduce the selection time comparing to the traditional linear menu without sacrificing accuracy. Researchers attribute this performance gain to the selection mechanism of the MagicMark. Science China Information Sciences reported this novel menu in the sixth issue of 2018.


More details can be referred to: Lyu F, Xi R, Han Y X, et al. MagicMark: a marking menu using 2D direction and 3D depth information. Sci China Inf Sci, 2018, 61(6): 064101,

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