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China -- The answer?

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How can societies, firms and individuals survive in a world where rapid economic, political and social changes continually disrupt the status quo?

Economic, political and social turmoil capture headlines every day. Voters' verdicts from Brexit to Trump, Philippines to India, suddenly indicate a desire for a break with recent decades, while the most polarized US politics in living memory and European introspection await their denouement. There is a sense of relative power shifts to an increasingly multipolar world.

In his book China's Change: The Greatest Show On Earth, Hugh Peyman reasons that in order to react effectively to these changes, societies, firms and individuals must understand the nature of change itself. He believes that the best way to do this is to look at China and its record-breaking economic transformation. By exploring early Chinese history, philosophy, strategy, and governance, he comments on how they inform current Chinese thinking. He then identifies 20 essential ideas underlying Chinese thought on change and explains how each contributes to successful change.

Building on these essential ideas, Peyman outlines a general process for managing change which can be used to shape policy or to make personal or professional decisions. He also provides several case studies of change in Chinese contexts to illustrate the points he makes.

Says Ho Kwon Ping, Banyan Tree Resorts Founder, Singapore Management University Trustees Chairman and author of The Ocean in a Drop, "All travellers to China, whether on business, holiday or study, should take this book. China's Change has it all on China: history, philosophy, government, politics, business and economics, past, present and future." For Asia and the West this very timely, wide-ranging and original book answers two critical questions. Can China illuminate new paths for us to manage our increasingly disrupted worlds: in our national, work and personal lives? Can China continue to be the main driver of global economic growth? China's Change is the Greatest Show on Earth for anyone interested in business, economics, China or world affairs, even for anyone who has experienced difficulties in navigating the rapidly changing world we live in.


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About the Author

After graduating in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford in 1973, Hugh Peyman co-authored with Richard Hall The Great Uhuru Railway: China's Showpiece in Africa (Gollancz 1976), then moved with Reuters in 1977 to Hong Kong before joining Asia's leading business, politics and economics magazine the Far Eastern Economic Review where he worked in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Peyman began over 35 years of investment research in 1981, heading Asian Research ex-Japan for Merrill Lynch and Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, based in Singapore, before founding Research-Works in 1999 to do independent long-term Asian research for global asset managers. He speaks to investors, companies and students about China. He has lived in Shanghai since 2002.

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