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Primary care clinicians' willingness to care for transgender patients

Most, but not all, primary care clinicians willing to provide routine care for transgender patients

American Academy of Family Physicians

A new survey finds that most family medicine and general internal medicine clinicians are willing to provide routine care for transgender patients. In a survey of primary care clinicians in an integrated Midwest health system, 86 percent of respondents (n=140) were willing to provide routine care to transgender patients and 79 percent were willing to provide Pap tests to transgender men. Willingness to provide routine care decreased with age. Willingness to provide Pap tests was higher among family physicians, those who had met a transgender person, and those who measured lower on a transphobia scale. These findings, according to the authors, underscore the importance of integrating personal exposure to transgender individuals into medical education.


Primary Care Clinicians' Willingness to Care for Transgender Patients
Deirdre A. Shires, PhD, MSW, MPH, et al
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

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