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Progress in Food Biotechnology

Bentham Science Publishers

This monograph updates readers on new avenues in the world of food biotechnology.

Chapters in the volume cover topics related to

    (1) food bioactive peptides and functional properties of proteins,

    (2) classification, biosynthesis, and application of bacterial exopolysaccharides,

    (3) enzymatic modification of phospholipids, and related applications,

    (4) microbial culture research and application in food fermentation,

    (5) probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics,

    (6) biotechnological production of food additives,

    (7) phenolic-based nanoparticles and relevant applications,

    (8) enzyme discovery approaches and industrial dairy enzyme applications,

    (9) bioconversion of major industrial and agro-industrial by-products into various bio-products as examples of a bio-based economy, and

    (10) plant epigenetics and future prospects of epigenetics to improve crop quality.

Information is presented in simple language supported by graphs, tables, numbers, market trends, and accounts of successful product launches. This volume is a handy resource for a broad range of industrial researchers, students, and biotech professionals from both academia and industry who are involved in the multidisciplinary fields of food biotechnology and food chemistry.


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