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Emerging trends in advanced nano-materials based electrochemical geno-sensors

Bentham Science Publishers

Advancement in technology is making life easier. However, innovation in nano-materials has made them important enough and now they are represented as the most promising class of new materials due to their intriguing optical, electronic and redox properties. The development of reliable synthetic procedures owed its progress to the emergence of nanotechnology and also to the wide range of applications it brought to the surface.

Nano-structured materials consist of a high surface area, biocompatibility, non-toxicity and charge-sensitive conductance. These properties are used for the development of simple, rapid, highly sensitive, inexpensive and portable electrochemical geno-sensors. This review focuses on the development and validation of nano-materials which are advanced in nature and based on electrochemical geno-sensors. Geno-sensors make use of the unique properties of nano-materials for signal transduction and the detection of chemical analytes while playing a role of an electroactive species.

As electrochemical geno-sensors that have potential to be developed as the next generation field-deployable analytical tool, this review highlights the current progress on highly sensitive and flexible nano-structured materials.


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