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What's a better material than plastic in cars, furniture and construction? Trees

Michigan Forest Bioeconomy Conference Feb. 12-13, 2019 in Midland, Michigan

Michigan Technological University

Circular bioeconomy is the subject of the second Michigan Forest Bioeconomy Conference Feb. 12-13, 2019 in Midland, Michigan, to engage companies, state agencies, universities and non-government organizations interested in moving the circular bioeconomy forward.

Lignin-based carbon fiber car frames. Mass timber buildings more than 10 stories tall. Furniture 3-D printed from waste wood otherwise be destined for a landfill. These are the promises of the circular bioeconomy.

"To achieve a sustainable future, we must have renewable materials and energy and recycle everything we can. This is increasingly termed the circular bioeconomy," said Mark Rudnicki, forest biomaterials professor of practice in the School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science. He is also the executive director of the Michigan Forest Biomaterials Institute.

Conference keynote speakers include Mary Draves, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer for Dow, and John Warner, President and Chief Technology Officer for Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry and one of the recognized founders of Green Chemistry. Other speakers represent a variety of stakeholders in Michigan, across the US and abroad - including Ford Motor Company, DuPont, Steelcase, LanzaTech, Performance BioFilaments, Technical Research Institute of Finland, FPInnovations (Canada), Michigan Chemistry Council, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University and others.


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