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The safety guide to nuclear plant design and operation

Nuclear power plant safety book also honors the legacy of Professor Larry Hochreiter

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Design-Basis Accident Analysis Methods for Light-Water Nuclear Power Plants captures the principles of safety evaluation as practiced in the regulated light-water reactor nuclear industry. With the relative stabilization of nuclear safety evaluation methodologies over the last decade, this text is expected to be a valuable resource to the nuclear safety community for many years. The contributors to this text have been intimately involved in various aspects of nuclear safety analysis to bring about this conformity.

Nuclear safety practitioners and students will find this book's coverage of nuclear safety analysis methods to be the broadest to date. The subject matter is hierarchically organized top-down, bottom-up corresponding to nuclear safety evaluation best practices, with the details of evaluation methods bookend by chapters on regulatory expectations and licensing considerations.

The principles of nuclear safety methods development involve a logical progression from requirements to inquiry to experimentation to modeling and simulation. Much of these principles have evolved from decades of industry-regulator interaction. Regulatory developments during this time have been informed by research related to nuclear power plant resiliency to various transient accidents. The evaluation model development and application process presented in this text was drawn from the various knowledge bases developed from this research.

This text was edited by Drs. Robert P. Martin and Cesare Frepoli, former competitors at Framatome and Westinghouse, respectively, and responsible for the development of nuclear safety evaluation models supporting their employers' commercial projects.

"In preparing and shaping this text, we recognized early in the process that to provide broad subject matter coverage of high quality, we would need to collaborate with other specialists. This final product, which was three years in the making, represents the contributions of over 30 individuals as either authors or reviewers, representing industry, government regulators, national laboratory researchers, and university professors," said Dr Martin.

In addition to this shared passion, the contributors acknowledge the lessons and inspiration of the late Professor Larry Hochreiter, a prominent nuclear safety pioneer, for whom this book is dedicated.

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About Editors

Robert Martin leads the development of evaluation methodologies and models for the design and safety analysis of advanced nuclear power plant concepts at BWX Technologies, Inc. Through employment with B&W, AREVA (now Framatome), and Siemens Power Corp, he has been responsible for the development and regulatory defense of several safety analysis methodologies supporting the commercial nuclear power industry, including the first applications of best-estimate plus uncertainty methods to design-basis LOCA for both fuel and containment evaluations and for demonstrating plant resiliency to beyond design-basis severe accidents. His experience includes employment at the Idaho National Laboratory, working in the area of thermal system fluid modeling (RELAP5-3D). Dr Martin holds a PhD awarded by Penn State University, and a BS and MS from Texas A&M.

Cesare Frepoli is the founder and principal consultant of the FPoliSolutions, LLC. Dr Frepoli has 30 years' experience in the nuclear industry and is a domain expert in executing the Evaluation Model Development and Assessment Process (RG 1.203), scaling analyses and uncertainty analysis methods. Prior to FPoliSolutions, Dr Frepoli was the main developer and inventor of safety analysis technology at Westinghouse Electric Company, including ASTRUM and the Full Spectrum LOCA analysis products. He was also a key contributor in the development and regulatory defense of the AP1000 safety case and has supported the resolution of various industry generic issues. Dr Frepoli holds a PhD awarded by Penn State University, and an ME from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

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