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Europe's biggest urology conference Barcelona

European Association of Urology

Europe's biggest urology congress will take place in Barcelona from 15th-19th March. With up to 14,000 delegates attending, the EAU19 congress will amongst Europe's biggest medical congresses in 2019.

Clinicians and scientists will meet to discuss the science and medicine behind topics such as:

  • The psychology behind dealing with Prostate cancer

  • The latest in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment

  • New findings on causes of male infertility

  • Urinary incontinence; up to 30% of women over 40 suffer from urinary incontinence.

  • Kidney stones, 1 in 10 people (55 million adults in Europe) will form a stone at some point

  • Overactive bladder problems in shift workers

...and many other conditions related to the male and female urinary tract system and male reproductive organs.

Full press facilities will be available on-site. There are no scheduled press conferences, but authors will be coming to the press room at discuss their work informally.

Full congress information is available at

Journalists are welcome to attend - The online registration system is closed but registration is possible onsite at the Congress's venue, the Fira Gran Via, Barcelona. Alternatively, between now and 13th March, you can e-mail your request for registration. We will try our utmost to register you in advance, but cannot guarantee pre-registration at this point.

If you can't attend but would like to receive advance press information, please contact EAU Press Officer, Tom Parkhill,

From the European Association of Urology


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