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Bentham's latest book explains pathological and clinical findings on Alzheimer's disease

This book is edited by: Blas Gil-Extremera, published on: April, 03, 2019

Bentham Science Publishers

Alzheimer's disease is the most frequent cause of dementia that slowly and progressively causes cognitive impairment and profoundly alters the daily activities of the patients. Approximately, ten percent of all persons over the age of seventy experience significant memory loss, and in more than half of the cases, the cause is Alzheimer's disease.

This reference book is an update on the most relevant pathological and clinical findings of this neurological disorder. Chapters cover the basic hypothesis of Alzheimer's disease, pathological features of the disease in the brain, Alzheimer's disease diagnosis and therapy. Information provided in the book is focused on research in developed countries.

The book offers students of medicine and nursing as well as medical practitioners and specialists (internists, neurologists, gerontologists, and psychiatrists), the necessary information to understand the pathological and clinical aspects of the disease in depth, with the goal of improving medical outcomes in the care of their patients.


About the Author:

Dr. Blas Gil-Extremera

Dr. Blas Gil-Extremera has done his Ph.D. and Doctorate in medicine from Granada University (1968 and 1973, respectively). He was elected as a postdoctoral fellow in the Texas University, Huston (1974-75 and 1976-77). He has been elected as the Head of the Department of Medicine at the Granada University (1986-93), Vice Chancellor of the University of Granada (1993-96), Chief of the Internal Medicine Service at the "San Cecilio" University Hospital in Granada (1982-2014), and Full professor of Internal Medicine at the Granada University (1991-2014). He obtained a Silver Medal at the Granada University in 1994. He was awarded the Teaching Excellence Prize (2013). He was elected as the Honorary Member of the Official Colleges of Physicians of Almería (1991) and Granada (2018). He also was elected as the Honorary Member of the International Society of Internal Medicine (2004). He also held the Presidency of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine from 1998 to 2000. He is a Permanent Academician of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Granada since 1991. He has participated as the Editorial Board Member of 6 journals. He has been the Director of 79 doctoral theses. He is the co-author of 34 books and monographs. He has written 14 books. He is also the author of more than 500 research articles published in prestigious national and international medical journals. He has published 214 literary texts in newspapers and journals. He has participated in 160 international Clinical trials on Hypertension, Lipid disorders, and Diabetes, as a Principal Investigator.

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