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Announcing updates to PCR-EAPCI Textbook

Updates to the essential reference book for interventional practitioners to be released at EuroPCR 2019


A new update to the PCR-EAPCI Textbook for EuroPCR 2019 features new chapters on invasive physiological assessment of coronary disease, and the role of imaging in CTO intervention. It includes updates to 15 chapters including bifurcation lesions and left main coronary artery disease. Additional updates and new chapters are planned to coincide with the ESC Congress 2019 and PCR London Valves 2019.

The PCR-EAPCI Percutaneous Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine Textbook is an all-inclusive reference book whose scope and content is patient-centered and promotes evidence-based clinical practices. It continues to be By and For the interventional community and dedicated to the patients it serves. This textbook includes over 110 illustrated chapters dedicated to diagnosis, coronary interventions, structural heart disease, and peripheral interventions. It covers everything clinical and practical that today's interventional cardiologist needs to know and offers updated content throughout the year.

The PCR-EAPCI Textbook is produced with the needs of the interventional cardiovascular community in mind. Hundreds of expert authors make this a valuable resource for daily practice, in study, and in discussion with colleagues. It is interactive and develops with the community, reacting to specific needs brought by new evidence and experience.

Updates are released throughout the year, coinciding with major PCR events. For the EuroPCR 2019 update, new chapters include Invasive physiological assessment of coronary disease: iFR and Role of imaging in CTO intervention as well as 15 updated chapters including Bifurcation lesions and Left main coronary artery disease.

For the ESC 2019 congress, four chapter updates and two new chapters on Computational non-invasive physiological assessment of coronary disease and The High Bleeding Risk patient are planned. During the PCR London Valves Course, the chapters on TAVI, mitral and tricuspid valves will be updated


Free online access to the full content is available for all EuroPCR participants from 20-26 May 2019.

The Textbook is also available on the dedicated PCR bookshop all year long.


Key information

  • New update of PCR EAPCI Textbook for EuroPCR 2019 in Paris, 21-24 May 2019

  • New chapters cover invasive physiological assessment of coronary disease and the role of imaging in CTO
  • More than 15 updated chapters including bifurcation lesions and left main coronary artery disease
  • Additional updates and new chapters planned for ESC Congress 2019 and PCR London Valves 2019

About PCR

The mission of PCR is to serve the needs of each individual patient by helping the cardiovascular community to share knowledge, experience and practice. PCR offers a large range of many other educational meetings and resources for the continuing education of the interventional cardiovascular community. These include major annual Courses across the globe, e-Learning with high-profile PCR Webinars, Courses specifically dedicated to valvular heart disease, tailor-made PCR Seminars on specific topics, online resources and medical publications such as EuroIntervention, the official journal of the EAPCI. PCR's continuously updated library of textbooks has become a reference in the field. This library includes the internationally respected, patient-centred PCR-EAPCI Textbook, with new and updated chapters touching on all aspects of the speciality; the Coronary Stenosis Textbook, now in its second edition; and Percutaneous Cardiac Interventions - Tips and Tricks of New Techniques Beyond Stenting. The publications are available online, in e-publication and in print. Updates range from an explanation, account of new data, extra references and re-written sections, to links and additional resources.

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