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Dr. Minah Lee receives Wiley Young Researcher Award

Dr. Lee gained attention as an outstanding researcher in materials science

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Credit: Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

On May 22, Dr. Minah Lee from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) was announced as the 2018/2019 recipient of the Wiley Young Researcher Award.

Wiley, a global publisher specializing in academic texts, described Dr. Lee's scientific contributions as "discovering new bioinspired redox centers for rechargeable batteries and developing various engineering strategies of organic compounds through multi-scale optimization to improve energy storage performances. [Her] work is of significance in providing botanic alternatives to battery technologies for a sustainable future."

Dr. Lee is currently a senior researcher at KIST's Center for Energy Storage Research. Her main focus is designing functional organic materials for developing next-generation batteries--a vital future technology for stable, sustainable energy storage. She has been especially dedicated to understanding the multi-electron transfer mechanism of low-cost, eco-friendly redox compounds, as well as developing engineering strategies through multi-dimensional material optimization to increase the stability and rate of oxidation-reduction reactions.

Known for her active research, Dr. Lee is gaining widespread attention as a leading young scientist in her field. She has published 27 academic papers, including 11 with her as the main author. Cumulatively, these articles have been cited over 1,400 times, indicating the high significance of her work.

Her achievements have been recognized through several prestigious awards, including the Materials Research Society's Postdoctoral Award (2018), the Electrochemical Society's Korea Student Award (2015), the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology's Best Dissertation Award (2015), and Samsung Electronics' Human Tech Paper Award (2011).

Upon learning that she won the Wiley Young Researcher Award, Dr. Lee stated, "As a scientist, I want to develop technologies that can make the world a better place. I hope my research helps realize a sustainable society through the development of low-cost, high-efficiency energy storage systems."

Launched earlier this year, the newly established Wiley Young Researcher Award recognizes young Asia-Pacific (APAC) researchers who significantly impacted society. Any APAC researcher younger than 35 and working in that year's specified field are eligible to apply. Other nominees for this year's award include Prof. Yuchao Yang of Peking University (China) and Prof. Nobuhiro Yanai of Kyushu University (Japan).


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