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Grant winner to work on microstrip antennas at Kazan University

PhD candidate Angelina Markina will receive support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Kazan Federal University

A grant of 1.2 million rubles is allocated for a project titled "Efficient algorithms for microstrip antenna designs" for three years.

Ms. Markina comments, "Microstrips are among the most widely used types of antennas - they are compact and easily produced. Such antennas are used in mobile phones and other communication devices. However, designing antennas for specific requirements is very labor-intensive and can take up from several weeks to several months. One has to adjust an antenna to certain sizes, frequencies, bandwidths, and so on."

The grantee is to work on mathematical models for antennas' characteristics. During the project, a prototype for several frequencies should be constructed.

"Comb emitter antennas have simple geometry and can be easily to multi-bandwidth applications. High-precision models for basic characteristics of antennas will help design antennas with various quantities of combs for various applications, including 5G," adds Angelina Markina's research supervisor, Professor Nikolai Pleshchinskii.


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