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Erling Norrby launches his latest book at the Nobel Museum

Nobel Prizes: Cancer, Vision and the Genetic Code

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On October 3, Erling Norrby launched his fourth book on Nobel Prizes at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. Entitled Nobel Prizes: Cancer, Vision and the Genetic Code, the book mainly focuses on the prizes in physiology or medicine 1966-68. Like his previous books, it has been written with use of the world-unique Nobel archives.

The event gathered around 80 guests, representing all different Nobel Organizations, the Karolinska Institute and the Nobel family as well as relatives and friends. In a short presentation, the author presented the major content of the book. The content ranged from a presentation on the development of cancer research prior to the 1966 prize, to a description of the important developments afterwards.

A particular emphasis was given to the relative role of different viruses in the disease process. Hereafter, the conditions which allow us to see colours and in the penumbrae as revealed by the 1967 recipients of the prize in physiology or medicine was referred to. The1968 prize, presented last, is one of the most important ever, since it presents the language that life on Earth has used ever since its beginning. The impact of the contribution was highlighted by the impressive number of nominations of the number one candidate, 15% of the total.

The complete triplet code was revealed during six years 1960-66. Since the prize was given already in 1968, the Karolinska Institute came close to fulfilling the specification in Alfred Nobel's will "to the one who during the previous year...".

After the presentation, guests enjoyed a reception along with author book signings. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.


Nobel Prizes: Cancer, Vision and the Genetic Code retails for US$38 / £35 (paperback) and US$88 / £75 (hardback). To order or know more about the book, visit

About the Author

Erling Norrby has an MD and PhD from the Karolinska Institute, the School of Medicine, Stockholm. He was the professor of virology and chairman at the Institute for 25 years. During that time, he also served as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for 6 years and was deeply involved in the work on Nobel prizes in physiology or medicine for 20 years. After leaving the Institute he became Permanent Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for six years. During this time he had overriding responsibility for the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry and was a member of the Board of the Nobel Foundation. Presently he is at the Center for the History of Sciences at the Academy. In addition he is currently Vice-Chairman of the Board of the J Craig Venter Institute. He also has one of the leading functions at the Royal Swedish Court as Lord Chamberlain-in-Waiting.

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