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Odstrcil receives funding for heliospheric model project

George Mason University

Dusan Odstrcil, Senior Research Scientist, Physics and Astronomy, received $50,000 from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center for a project aimed at producing a high-quality heliospheric model.

Odstrcil and his collaborators are using Python to produce this imaging that is currently otherwise created using Interactive Data Language (IDL). They anticipate significant acceleration of the visualization process via this method. This step should also make more outputs available to users.

ENLIL--a time-dependent 3D magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) model of the heliosphere--is currently the only code that can simulate coronal mass ejections all around the Sun up to the Jupiter or Saturn orbit.

This means the researchers' model would be useful for other, and more sophisticated, heliospheric codes in future.

This project will be realized in cooperation and coordination with the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC), Python heliospheric community and other selected projects.

Funding for this project began in January 2020 and will conclude in late December of this year.


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