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Understanding heart failure in pediatric patients

Bentham Science Publishers

The field of heart failure in pediatric populations has recently initiated more registries and clinical trials. This age group has special concerns and particularities regarding their clinical picture and management. Therefore, multiple disciplines have been involved in the management of heart failure in this age group.

The book Heart Failure in Pediatric Patients will solve various issues faced by professionals dealing with infants and children with cardiac problems. The cases discussed are supplemented with videos and images providing close proximity to real time experience.

Pathophysiology, classification and clinical presentation focusing on congenital heart diseases has been discussed providing different modes of clinical investigations including heart failure in conditions of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

This new volume in the book series on heart failure medicine also includes detailed radiological and imaging investigations for heart failure in general; however, it also discusses the investigation of certain pediatric and congenital heart disease. Cardiology learners at different levels; undergraduate, postgraduate, specialists and allied professionals will gain substantial knowledge obtained from the perspective of numerous cardiologists practicing in different regions.


About the Editor:

Mohammad El Tahlawi is an Assistant Professor of Cardiology and the founder of the Congenital Heart Unit at Zagazig University, Egypt. He completed his MD degree in Cardiovascular Medicine (Zagazig University) in 2011, AFSA in Pediatric Cardiology (Universite de la Mediterranee - Aix Marseille II, France) in 2008 and European Diploma of Acute Cardiac Care (from the European Society of Cardiology, Spain). He has several publications in the field of cardiology, specifically on congenital heart disease. He is also the recipient of the National Encouragement Award in Medicine, 2013.


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