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An online tool to aid in the advance care planning process shows promise

Effect of an interactive website to engage patients in advance care planning in outpatient settings

American Academy of Family Physicians

A team of Canadian researchers tested an online program that guides patients through the process of advance care planning in a "real-world" setting with two groups: adult cancer patients and older adults. The program PREPARE was developed by clinicians at the University of California San Francisco and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Francisco, to increase engagement in advance care planning. One hundred thirty-six participants from across multiple outpatient clinic sites in Canada completed the self-paced program and a before-and-after survey. Researchers found they were better equipped to handle advance care planning after completing the online program, with improvements in their knowledge, decision making, confidence and readiness for the planning process. Additionally, participants took modest action to begin advance care planning. Researchers conclude that the results "suggest that self-directed tools could support advance care planning initiatives in outpatient health care settings and among the public."


Effect of an Interactive Website to Engage Patients in Advance Care Planning in Outpatient Settings
Michelle Howard, PhD, et al
McMaster University, Department of Family Medicine, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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