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After cancer: The role of primary care in cancer survivorship care

Cancer survivorship care roles for primary care physicians

American Academy of Family Physicians

Primary care physicians are treating an increasing number of cancer survivors, yet they have no clear guidance on how best to care for such patients. This study considers how primary care physicians perceive their role in delivering care to cancer survivors. The researchers conducted interviews with 38 primary care clinicians and collected data on the 14 practices in which they worked. While most felt cancer survivor care was within their purview, their approaches toward treating cancer survivors varied widely. More broadly, this study brings into question the role of primary care in addressing the complex needs of cancer survivors. Researchers recommend coordinating care between primary care physicians and oncologists as patients transition to long-term survivorship.


Cancer Survivorship Care Roles for Primary Care Physicians
Jenna Howard, PhD, et al
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, New Jersey

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